25 January, 2017

Mesoamerica Program opens tenth office for vulnerable migrants in Mesoamerica

Palenque, Chiapas - Last month the municipality of Palenque (Chiapas, southern Mexico) inaugurated its Bureau of Assistance for Migrants and Refugees,  which will bring information and support to at-risk migrants and refugees. This is the tenth office opened in the region with the Mesoamerica Program support.

13 January, 2017

Mesoamerica Program on CNN

The international network CNN has published an extensive report on the work carried out by the IOM Mesoamerica Program on the border between Costa Rica and Panama.

The four minutes report focuses on migration and trafficking, a matter with which populations in this border area are becoming increasingly informed. CNN report shows the educational work that IOM is doing to prevent the risks faced by migrant populations.

5 December, 2016

Dignified and Timely Assistance for Migrants

Panama - Migrants in the region regularly face specific situations of vulnerability. High levels of uncertainty and insecurity, multiple risks, and a lack of information along their migratory route represent challenges that affect their psychological well-being.  

5 December, 2016

Costa Rica: Assistance to Migrants Affected by Hurricane Otto

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) provided support to the national emergency response as Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica last November. IOM assisted in the evacuation and provided assistance to approximately 1519 migrants stranded at both the northern and southern borders, in four of the counties on maximum alert.

2 December, 2016

Mesoamerica Program Begins Phase Seven

Costa Rica. Last October the International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched a new phase of its Mesoamerica Regional Program, in which human and technical resources will be devoted to building the capacities of governments and civil society for managing safe, orderly, and regular migration, with an emphasis on respecting the human rights of migrants most at risk for irregular migration.

2 December, 2016

Miradas en Movimiento: There Is Still Time to Participate!

The photo contest Miradas en Movimiento (Glimpses in Motion) that began last November is still receiving images that reflect the importance of protection for migrants.

29 November, 2016

Voluntary return and assistance provided to 417 migrants

Costa Rica - Since its creation in 2010, the Mesoamerica Program has provided direct assistance and voluntary return support to 417 people. This assistance is vital, as migrants face high-risk conditions during the migratory process. They are vulnerable at-risk to becoming victims of assault, extortion, trafficking, and other exploitative trends.

25 November, 2016

UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: IOM Mesoamerica Launches Online Course

Costa Rica - IOM today launched a new online course Women in Migration – a tool to allow the study of challenges faced by migrant women in the Mesoamerican region. The course is available for free through IOM’s Migration Learning Platform in Spanish.

30 September, 2016

IOM Trains 7,000 to Combat Human Trafficking in Mesoamerica

Students, government officials, non-governmental organizations and journalists are some of the nearly 7,000 people that in the last three years have participated in IOM’s training and awareness programmes, addressing prevention of human trafficking in the Mesoamerican region.

6 September, 2016

IOM Promotes Young Migrants’ Human Rights at Juventour 2016

El Salvador - IOM last month participated in JUVENTOUR 2016, one of the most important gatherings of Central American youth, which provided a platform to promote migrant children and adolescents’ human rights and to warn about the risks of irregular migration through the InformArte en Movimiento (Information on the Move) campaign.