20 September, 2021

IOM and Suriname Government launch innovative report on national migration governance

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Suriname released the Suriname Needs Assessment on Migration Governance, in a step to further develop migration policy in the country. The launch was done at a virtual event with presentations from IOM representatives and the Minister of the Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, H. E. Albert Ramdin.

17 September, 2021

Panama Initiates Intersectoral Dialogue on the Knowledge Economy in the New International Context

This preparatory forum was an appropriate space for promoting dialogue between various actors from the public and private sector, civil society, and international cooperation on priority actions for the development of the country in the new international context, experiences and good practices, human mobility and globalisation through various thematic sessions. 

17 September, 2021

The Dominican Republic Adapted and Strengthened the Manual for Management of Collective Centers

Among the activities carried out is a survey of national and international documents such as laws, rules, procedures, and manuals, achieving a review of approximately 23 documents. These documents were used to verify proper compliance with national regulations in the Toolbox, which contains a set of guides and basic tools that facilitate shelter management through the approach of good practices and lessons learned in disaster situations at the national and international levels.  

17 September, 2021

IOM Strengthens the Information Hubs on Migration Model in Honduras and Mexico

In August, Honduras and Mexico carried out activities to strengthen the model of Information Hubs on Migration. In Honduras, the Workshop on Analysis and Validation of the Information Hubs Model in the Municipal Management Model for Social Development was held, and Mexico held the 2021 National Meeting of Information Hubs on Migration

14 September, 2021

IOM and ILO lead global conversation on labour migration in the age of digitalization

The International Forum on Digitalization, Migration and Development promoted by IOM and ILO, analyzed how migrant workers are involved in socio-labour dynamics that do not escape the new trends that the future of work presents, and digitalization could contribute to safe, orderly and regular labour migration under decent work conditions.These tools include the creation of innovative digital platforms of public institutions; new systems to process work permits quickly and expeditiously by virtual means, with a focus on the protection of public health; to the adoption of laws that encourage the mobility of "digital nomads", willing to telework from anywhere in the world.

2 September, 2021

Online course "Protection of migrants in vulnerable conditions in Panama" is concluded


With the aim of training and updating the concepts of protection from a human rights perspective,  the International Organization for Migration (IOM) held the closing ceremony of the online training course "Protection of migrants in vulnerable conditions in Panama". This course, aimed at key actors who provide guidance, assistance and / or services to migrants in a vulnerable condition in Panama, was held from July 26 to August 25, 2021.  


26 August, 2021

IOM and CARICOM IMPACS enter MoU to collaborate on regional migration management efforts

Georgetown, Guyana 23 August 2021:

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at a virtual ceremony.


26 August, 2021

Mexico’s Beta Group Works with Panama’s Humanitarian Border Security Unit

From Panama’s and Mexico’s diverse contexts, both the USFROH and the INM Beta Group are working on similar tasks according to their functions, facing the challenges posed by monitoring, surveillance, and assistance of border crossings, especially by providing protection and assistance to those in a position of mobility, in addition to the fact that both aim to safeguard the security, dignity and life of migrants on their way to their migratory destinations. 

24 August, 2021

IOM and FLACSO Costa Rica Train Communication Professionals from Mexico and Central America to Address Migration

More than 50 journalists and media professionals from 6 countries participated in the first edition of the Specialized Course on Communication and Migration provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The course promotes an ethical and responsible production of migration-related information and the comprehensive approach to this phenomenon in informative content.

20 August, 2021

IOM and RCM Strengthen Local Government Capacities in Mesoamerica with Policy and Governance Training Program

The Training Program on Migration Policy and Governance with a Focus on Local and Municipal Levels consisted of the virtual module Migration Trends in Latin America and three synchronous sessions. Participants enjoyed a panel with representatives of the local governments of Costa Rica and El Salvador, and the Federation of Local Governments of Latin America (FLACMA), who addressed the main needs and priorities identified for local migration governance. Subsequently, a space for group work made it possible to collectively build some recommendations from the perspectives of communities of destination, origin, return and transit.