The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic begins consultations for the creation of the National Action Plan on Migration

4 February, 2019


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, with support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), held two meetings with around 30 of the country’s consuls in various cities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe, with the objective of introducing the initial consultation process for the creation of the National Action Plan for Migration - PLANAMI. 

The meetings were led by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marjorie Espinosa, and supported by Josué Gastelbondo, the coordinator of IOM’s Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica-the Caribbean for the Dominican Republic. Both meetings were focused on the need to consult with the Dominican diaspora regarding their relationship with the Dominican Republic.  

“The National Action Plan for Migration is an initiative of the government of the Dominican Republic which came out of the dialogs held during the Migration Governance Indicators` assessment process last year. It is of highest importance to IOM to build state capacities for migration governance. These efforts to coordinate sectors and map needs will enable the development of a more comprehensive National Plan that facilitates migration for the benefit of all,” stated Gastelbondo. 

The first meeting was held January 23 in the Chancellery of the Dominican Republic, and the Dominican Consuls in Europe participated. This meeting dealt with the component of improving assistance, services, and consular protection. 

The second meeting was held January 25, also in the Chancellery, with consulates of the Dominican Republic in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This meeting focused on the Action Plan for the Diaspora.  

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