IOM supports Certification in Migration, Gender, and Health in El Salvador

El Salvador
27 June, 2019


A comprehensive understanding of the migration process in Central America requires various perspectives including on gender and health systems. For this reason, Spanish and French programs of Doctors of the World (MdM in French) and the National University of El Salvador (UES), in conjunction with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), the Jesuit Migration Network (UCA), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministries of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic (SE-COMISCA), are offering the second “Migration, Gender, and Health” Certification.

This training will run from July to November 2019 and will train 50 people from El Salvador’s Ministry of Health’s migrant assistance, human trafficking, and gender divisions, as well as municipal personnel, using an innovative, comprehensive training approach. Its objective is to strengthen support and protection mechanisms for internal and international migrants in El Salvador.

The Second Edition of the Certification has three thematic focuses: 1. constructions and visions of gender for the human rights of migrants; 2. legislation, territoriality, and special frameworks for the protection of migrants at the national and international levels; and 3. a focus on women’s health and specialized assistance for vulnerable populations during the migration process. These three focuses were developed jointly through the experience and work of civil society organizations, academia, and state entities related to migrant assistance.

“In IOM’s view, this Certification is a valuable training with tools that reinforce, update, or confer knowledge and exchange of experiences among participants so they can analyze the response they provide to the migrant population from a perspective of human rights and gender and promote initiatives with a specialized approach,” commented Cecilia Ramirez, National Coordinator of the Regional Migration Program: Mesoamerica - The Caribbean.