Information sessions on the protection of migrants with a human rights focus are held in Panama

16 July, 2021


Within the framework of the International Organization for Migration's (IOM) protection strategy in  Panama, which involves objectives of the  "Western Hemisphere Program"   and the  "Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Venezuela",  both  funded by the  U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), introductory briefings were organized to inform and update protection concepts from a human rights perspective aimed at key actors who provide  guidance, assistance or services to vulnerable migrants in Panama.  


The information sessions were held in webinar  format through the Zoom platform, on July  14 and 15, 2021, with a participation of more than 100 people,  including members of civil society organizations,  officials  of government institutions,  social  workers,  professionals in  psychology and law, students, teachers, and professionals from different disciplines related to   the provision of protection services. 


They addressed the topics of  "Protection and guidance for migrants in a vulnerable condition within the framework of human rights" and "The rights of migrant workers for the prevention of trafficking and labour exploitation". The sessions were facilitated by Rosilyne Mae Borland,  Senior Regional Thematic Specialist on Migrant Assistance,  and  Marisol Linero,    IOM  Labour Migration Specialist Consultant in  Panama,  respectively. 


These actions are expected to contribute to the strengthening of the capacities of the providers of guidance and protection services necessary to ensure that all migrant populations in vulnerable conditions are served in a timely and accessible manner. 


Below are the links of the sessions: 
Protection and Guidance to Migrants in Vulnerable Situations: Human Rights Framework

Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers: Prevention of Trafficking and Exploitation   

For more information, please contact Mayteé Zachrisson, IOM Panama Communications and Media Assistant, at