The Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC) Counter-Trafficking Network holds its second meeting

5 April, 2019


Georgetown, March 14. The members of the Caribbean Migration Consultations (CMC) Counter-Trafficking Network held their second meeting in Guyana. They shared their progress and challenges fighting human trafficking and migrant smuggling, crimes affecting a region which has one of the highest numbers of young women trafficking victims in the world.

 The meeting included over 50 participants from Caribbean countries, the European Union, and senior representatives of regional and international organizations to discuss and identify effective ways to combat these phenomena in the Caribbean region, through coordinated regional actions.

 “Trafficking and smuggling are highly lucrative illegal activities involving criminal networks that are very difficult for authorities to track. The Caribbean is a diverse region of transit and is afflicted by these serious crimes which often result in serious human rights violations, affecting men, women, and children equally,” said the Regional Director of IOM for Central America, North America, and the Caribbean, Marcelo Pisani.

 “More and more countries in the world and in the Caribbean are prioritizing these challenges and they recognize that by doing so, they contribute to the achievement of several of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals,” added Pisani.

 During the meeting, experts shared recent developments regarding best practices for combatting human trafficking and migrant smuggling, discussed challenges, and identified solutions which will require uninterrupted collaboration in the future. It was also an excellent opportunity for a fruitful exchange between professionals responsible for enforcing the law and those who protect victims, as both are essential for achieving a comprehensive focus in the fight against these crimes. 

 “This meeting will be very important for generating specific recommendations for the region regarding trafficking and smuggling,” said the Minister of Public Safety of Guyana, Khemraj Ramjattan in his opening remarks. The recommendations will also be part of the dialog on migration and development between the countries of Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the European Union.

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