A migrant’s journey does not end when they reach their place of destination, because from then on, they will have to integrate into their new community. In this section we explore the ties that link us to our communities, and how to make migrants part of their new home.

Documental El Camino más largo

Documentary: The Longest Road

This documentary tells the stories of the dangers children face when they emigrate to the United States: crossing rivers, deserts, and mountains, and taking freight trains in order to hide. Credits: Save the Children. 



Whisper of The Frontier

Border Whispers: The Northern Triangle of Central America Refugees

VR Documentary of children fleeing violence in their countries in Central America, often becoming orphans, unaccompanied, or separated. Credits: UNHCR.

TEDx Talks: Why Migrants Smuggling Plays

Why Migrant Smuggling Pays?

Migrant smugglers have typically been portrayed as shadowy, evil figures, exploiting human misery for financial gain, and risking lives transporting people. What motivates migrant smugglers, and how do they operate? Who are their main clientele? International migration expert and member of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy Khalid Koser shares his research on the economic motivations of those involved in smuggling migrants, and the massive and complex industry that has sprung up around them. Credits: TEDx Talks.

Migrant children from Honduras

Video that explains migration-related terms, the causes of migration, and the risks of irregular migration. It also describes the rights of migrant children. Credits: IOM Northern Triangle of Central America.